Lily Baker Series: Volumes One-Three (3 Book Set)


The Picture House Girls
World War Two is about to start. What if you had to leave everything you knew behind? It’s 1938 and hard-working Lily Baker’s life turns upside down when she and her family move to a new town. Two jobs leave little free time, yet she becomes involved in a struggle to improve her area. Pushed by the group leader she undertakes tasks she previously thought impossible, and meets the man of her dreams. Amidst homesickness, looming war and an aggressive father can she find the strength to win through?If you love warm-hearted stories, filled with nostalgia, period details, engaging characters, and a riveting plot, this book is ideal for you.
The Telephone Girls
How far would you go to keep yourself and your friends safe? Could you keep working if German army was at your door?Determined army telephonist Lily Baker and her friends work in Paris when France surrenders to Hitler. With the Nazis entering the city, they must overcome horrific obstacles as they dash towards the coast. Can they surmount incredible odds to get there before the final boat leaves for home? You’ll be gripped by this heart-stopping story as you follow their struggles to find safety before the German army overwhelms them. The Telephone Girls is the second in the historic fiction Lily Baker series. This heart-wrenching story features courage, friendship, betrayal, a lost child, compelling characters and a riveting plot.

The ARP Girls
The London Blitz. A brave war worker. A budding romance.Soldier Lily is a natural helper, supporting those bombed or homeless in her volunteer role as Air Raid Protection warden.While London burns, Lily and her colleagues are in danger every night. She finds herself attracted to another ARP volunteer, David. Yet her fiancé is missing, presumed dead, and she is consumed with guilt at her feelings for David. Should she be with him? What if she did and her fiancé returns home?When she and David are caught in a bomb blast, Lily’s life is changed in ways she never expected. As she recovers she must find the strength to continue with her life and war work.The ARP Girls is the third book in the Lily Baker series. If you enjoy believable characters, engaging storylines, and heart-warming relationships, then you’ll love Patricia McBride’s gripping and emotional book.

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