Memories Of Coronation Day - 2nd June 1953

Narrator: Richard Dimbleby Commentators: Jean Metcalfe, Wynford Vaughan Thomas, Raymond Baxter, Rex Alston, Frank Gillard, Audrey Russell, Tom Fleming, Henry Riddell, David Lloyd James.

Contains: The Departure from Buckingham Palace, The Children greet their Queen, The Arrival at Westminster Abbey, Excerpts from the Coronation Service, The Return to Buckingham Palace, The R.A.F Salute, The Prime Minister, Her Majesty The Queen.

Edited and Produced by Brian George Assistant editor: Arthur Philips

The Road I'm On (Gloria) - Toby Tyler

Performed by Toby Tyler (Marc Bolan) 1964 - Carlin Music Corp 1989 - Archive Jive Records

Written by Dion DiMucci Taken from the original acetate, it was not know at the release of this vinyl record, if the original studio masters still existed. They have since been discovered.

This vinyl release by Archive Jive Records in 1989 was a single sided single.

Singing Postman's 7" E.P. (Red) - Allan Smethurst

Tracks: Come Along a Me, Moind Yer Hid Boy, Hev Yew Gotta Loight Boy & A Miss From Diss

Songs composed and arranged by Allan Smethurst

Produced by Ralph Tuck Promotions LTD December 1964

Dorset Is Beautiful - The Yetties

Bob Common - Vocal, Drums Pete Shutler - Vocal, Accordion, Whistle, Concertina, Psaltery Bonny Sartin - Lead Vocal Mac McCulloch - Vocal, Guitar With Brian Brocklehurst - Bass

Produced in 1972 by The Decca Record Company Limited, Argo Division.

Produced by Kevin Daly Recorded by Iain Churches Cover Photo by Malcolm McCulloch

Tracks 1. Medley of Country Tunes* 2. Fill Up The Cider Cup 3. Shepherd's Song 4. The Tailor's Breeches 5. Dancing At The Manor 6. No, Sir, No! 7. The Blackbird 8. Home, Dearest, Home 9. Diggery Venn 10. Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl 11. Dancing On The Green** 12. The Country Carrier 13. The Mallard 14. The Story-Teller 15. Buttercup Joe 16. The Nutting Girl 17. Dorset is Beautiful *- Country Garden/Lincolnshire Poacher/Brigg Fair/Helston Furry Dance/The Keeper/D'ye Ken John Peel **- Rig's O'Marlow/The Cuckoo's Nest

The Cambridge Crofters - The Cambridge Crofters

The Cambridge Crofters: Dave Benford Andrew Kendon Richard Brading Tim Brading Trevor Jude Keith Hayward Peter Cary Greg Smith John Petheca

Produced in September 1976 by Barleycorn Records

Produced by The Crofters Recorded by Spaceward Recording Studios, Cambridge on 20th June, 13,15,19 & 21st July 1976.

Recording Engineer: Gary Lucas Sleeve design and photograph by Andrew Kendon

Mastered & Pressed by Decca Recording Co., England Cover Photograph: Fulbourn Windmill, Cambridgeshire

Tracks 1. Liberty 2. Tarry Wool 3. The Dark Island/Munster Cloak/Planxty George Brabazon 4. A-Roving 5. The Boar's Head Carol 6. The Cuckoo's Nest/Drowsy Maggie 7. Air/ Stanton Drew (The Dancers Of Stanton Drew) 8. Kisimuil's Galley 9. False Lamkin 10. March of the King of Laois 11. Lowlands 12. Circassian Circle Set : Little Begger Man/Astley's Ride/ Irish Washerwoman/Alabama Jubilee

Theme From Cheers (Where Everybody Knows Your Name) - Gary Portnoy

From the Channel Four Series (UK)

Performed by Gary Portnoy

Contains: Theme From Cheers (Where Everybody Knows Your Name) & Jenny

Both Tracks Written by Portnoy/Hart Angelo

1983 Star Blend Records

Theme From Auf Wiedersehen Pet - Series One

From the Central TV series

Sung by Joe Fagin

Contains: Breakin' Way (Opening Theme) Written by David Mackay & Ian La Frenais

That's Living Alright (Closing Theme) Written by David Mackay & K. Ashby

Both tracks arranged and produced by David Mackay

1983 Towerbell Records

In Sickness & In Health Theme - Chas & Dave

From the BBC Television Series

Contains: In Sickness & In Health  &Encore Medley - Someday, When The Leaves Come Tumbling Down, I Used To Sigh For The Silvery Moon, I'm Afraid To Open Your Letter, my Melancholy Baby

In Sickness & In Health Written & Produced by Chas Hodges & Dave Peacock

1985 BBC Enterprises Ltd.

Dempsey and Makepeace Theme - The South Bank Orchestra

Theme from the LWT Series

Performed by The South Bank Orchestra Conducted by Alan Parker

Contains: Dempsey and Makepeace Theme & Makepeace Not War ( Love Theme)

Written by Alan Parker

Produced by Skip Humphries

1985 Sierra Records

Theme From Auf Wiedersehen Pet - Series Two

From the Central TV series Sung by Joe Fagin

Contains: Back With The Boys Again (Closing Theme) Written by David Mackay & K. Ashby

Get It Right (Opening Theme) Written by David Mackay & Ian La Frenais

Both tracks arranged and produced by David Mackay

1986 Towerbell Records

Bread Theme - The Cast

Performed by The Cast Jean Boht,Ronald Forfar,Peter Howitt,Victor McGuire,Jonathon Morris,Gilly Coman,Nick Conway,Kenneth Waller.

Contains: Home (Theme From 'Bread') Written by David Mackay/Carla Lane & Red Bricks Written by Ray Burmiston/Nick Conway

Produced by David Mackay for June Productions

1986 BBC Enterprises Ltd

To Have and To Hold Theme - Catherine Stock

From the LWT TV Series

Contains: To Have and To Hold Written by John Worth  & Don't Be Afraid Written by Catherine Stock

Both Tracks Arranged and produced by John Worth

1986 Sierra Records