Part One 


Recorded on Tuesday 14th April 2015

Part Two


Recorded on Saturday 25th April 2015

Part Three


Recorded on Tuesday 28th April 2015

Part Four


Recorded on Wednesday 20th May 2015

Part Five


Recorded On Tuesday 9th June 2015

Part Six


Recorded On Wednesday 10th June 2015

Part Seven


Recorded On Wednesday 1st July 2015

Part Eight


Recorded On Saturday 1st August 2015

Part Nine


Recorded on Thursday 17th September 2015

Part Ten


Recorded on Wednesday 9th December 2015

Cambridge 2015 Revisited: The Lost 2015 Recordings


Parts of this film were used in a broadcast on Cambridge TV, but sadly all the studio recordings and 70% of the location filming were wiped by the station after broadcast. This footage is some of the recordings I kept after editing Please note : No Sound