Photograph: Fonz Chamberlain on Mill Road Bridge

Hello My Name is Fonz Chamberlain, I am a historian, broadcaster and writer from Cambridge.


I've been interested in the history of Cambridge since I was young. I was born in the city's Mill Road, and have always either lived in the city or in one of the surrounding villages.


I enjoy sharing the local history by appearing on different radio and TV stations across Cambridgeshire and beyond, and by producing articles that have featured in a range of newspapers and magazines.


In recent years I have also given talks to groups, schools and libraries, and have been involved with history walks in the city.


I also produced an online programme called Cambridge Historian Live. The show was viewed across the world, and the first series was viewed by over 20,000 viewers.


I think Cambridge has a wonderful history, and I hope you enjoy this website.


Fonz Chamberlain

The Cambridge Historian


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