The Brighton Story

A ghost takes us on a journey looking at Brighton in 1955.

Features Martin Clunes father Alec Clunes.

Produced in 1955

Health for the People

Episode from the BBC TV Special Enquiry Series. We visit the grimy and polluted streets of Salford to remind us just how much of a profound effect on the nation's health the NHS had. First broadcast on BBC Television on Wednesday 28th December 1955

I Was A Stranger

Part of the BBC Television Eye To Eye series. First broadcast on 06/09/1957

The More We Are Together

Part of the BBC Television Eye To Eye series. First broadcast on 07/03/1958

On Call to a Nation

This documentary features real doctors, but uses scripted scenarios and interviews to see the NHS through their eyes. The documentary also shows there is still division among doctors and if they think the NHS was a good idea in the first place. First broadcast on BBC Television on Wednesday 22nd October 1958

Morning On The Streets

Denis Mitchell's 1959 documentary is full of evocative images of a Liverpool still recovering from the post-war gloom. First broadcast on Wednesday 25th March 1959


Of Green Men And Blue Trains

Short film made in 1962 showing the end of street trams in Glasgow after ninety years.

9 Dalmuir West

Short film focusing on the last days of Glasgow’s tram system. Produced in 1962

The Big Freeze

Part of the BBC Tonight programme broadcast on Sunday 10th February 1963. Cliff Michelmore, Derek Hart, Kenneth Allsop recall one of the worst cold spells of this century.

East Anglia Beer

The Anglia television programme Here & Now visits Southwold and local brewer Adnams. We also hear from some of the locals.

First broadcast in 1963.

The Changing Face of Camberwell

Documentary looking at the demolition of Victorian blocks in favour of new high-rise flats.

Produced in 1963.

Last Summer By The Seaside

Originally broadcast on Tuesday 29th December 1964.

Please Note: Following copyright rules two brief sections that feature songs have been muted.

Three Swings On A Pendulum

This documentary investigates what many call 'swinging London' through the eyes of three overseas visitors.

First broadcast on Thursday 8th June 1968

Road to Blaydon

Documentary looks at Newcastle’s slums transformation to ‘a city of the future’. Also includes footage from an early programme called ‘To Make People Happy’ First broadcast on Monday 21st October 1968 Produced by Tyne Tees Television

Report: St. Ann's

Thames television documentary on Nottingham's slums. First broadcast on Tuesday 4th March 1969

A Tale Out Of School

Fly on the wall film of pupils and staff of Skipton Girls High School on an end-of-term holiday to Switzerland. British Transport Film.

A True Madness

Episode From The BBC TV Horizon Series. First broadcast on Monday 22nd September 1969

Please Note: Due to the age of the film the quality does vary.


Decent Place with Hot and Cold

Hard-hitting documentary film looking at the Birmingham slums. Produced in 1970

The Squatters

Hard-hitting documentary from 1970 which features Squatters challenging the Greater London Council for their failure to invest in housing.

Community Tension 

Thames Television documentary looking at the poorer areas of London in 1970. First broadcast on Thursday 22nd October 1970

Report: Where The Houses Used To Be

Thames Television documentary looking at the rise of flats in the UK. Originally broadcast in 1971.

The Block

In the London Borough of Southwark the tenants of Chaucer House, a decrepit half-way house for homeless families, reach breaking point. Angry that once more Southwark had failed to deliver on their promise to tear down the flat block and provide adequate alternative accommodation they stage a demonstration and wait for the officials next move. At the heart of their demonstration is a plea for better housing, better treatment, more understanding and above all a better future. First broadcast on Tuesday 19th September 1972

Wasted Lives

Thames Television documentary featuring mental health hospital patients left and now unable to live a normal life. Originally broadcast in 1972.

Please Note: Picture quality does vary.

Class of '74

Documentary looking at three school students leaving school and starting their working lives.

Produced in 1974 by Yorkshire Television.

In The Making - Fireworks

Documentary looking at firework making in the 1970s. Originally broadcast Wednesday 1st June 1977.

A Woman's Place?

This was episode five entitled 'A Man's World' This documentary seeks to challenge the previously accepted traditional roles of women in the workplace.

First broadcast on Tuesday 30th May 1978

The Road Back

Documentary looking at the state of alcohol dependency in the UK during the 1970s.

Produced in 1978

The New Sound Of Music

This Documentary charts the development of recorded music from the first barrel organs, pianolas, the phonograph, the magnetic tape recorder and onto the concepts of musique concrete and electronic music development with voltage-controlled oscillators making up the analogue synthesizers of the day. Broadcast in 1979.


Ashwood Day Centre

This short documentary looks at the isolation that people with mental health problems face, and the great help and comfort they can receive from centres like Ashwood.

Produced in 1982.

Waterloo Station - Just Another Day

Day in the life of Waterloo Station. Originally broadcast on Tuesday 5th April 1983.


The Ford Transit Story

Part of the BBC Perpetual Motion Series in 1994.


The Great Estate - The Rise And Fall Of The Council House

BBC documentary telling the story of council housing in Britain. First broadcast in August 2011.