Double Your Money: Episode One

The first episode starring Hughie Green, produced by Associated-Rediffusion.

First broadcast on Monday 26th September 1955


The Hothouse

Harry H Corbett plays a tycoon husband Harry Fender, who has built up the supermarket business from the time he was a delivery boy in his teens - he's now over forty and obsessed with developing the exotic plants in his hothouse. Also Stars Diana Rigg & Donald Churchill Part of the ABC Armchair Theatre for ITV

First broadcast on Sunday 13th December 1964

Moonlight On The Highway

Part of the ITV Saturday Night Theatre.

Written by Dennis Potter A troubled young man, David Peters (Ian Holm), claims, "Once dreams were possible, that's what the popular songs told us." Peters is immersed in the tunes of Thirties crooner Al Bowlly. He collects Bowlly memorabilia, publishes the Bowlly fan-club newsletter, and finds pleasure in lip-synching Bowlly records but his obsession with Bowlly masks certain darker events in his past.

First broadcast on Saturday 12th April 1969

Jokers Wild: Episode One

Jokers Wild was a British comedy panel game show hosted by Barry Cryer.

It was based on two American panel game shows: Stop Me If You've Heard This One and Can You Top This?.

This is the first proper episode broadcast on Wednesday 9th July 1969. A pilot episode was broadcast before this on Tuesday 15th April 1969. The series was a Yorkshire Television production for ITV


Now Look Here: Episode One

Bachelor Ronnie lives with his mother in Bramley in the heart of suburbia. Every day he is seen off by his mother into an ever-changing world in which he seems to fight everything while trying to maintain the exterior of a pleasant liberal persona.

Stars: Ronnie Corbett, Rosemary Leach, Donald Hewlett, Madge Ryan, Gillian Lind, Richard O'Sullivan, Patricia Hamilton, Linda Hayden Written by Barry Cryer and Graham Chapman

First broadcast on Friday 5th November 1971 on BBC One. All episodes still exist, although one of these survived in the American NTSC standard, from which it has been converted. This series is very similar to Ronnie Corbett's other comedy series Sorry!

Escape into Night: Episode One

Escape Into Night is a six-part British children's television serial made by ATV for ITV. The serial was an adaptation of Catherine Storr's 1958 novel Marianne Dreams, and deals with a young girl, Marianne, whose drawings become the basis for dreams, and how the dividing line between dreams and reality blurs.

First broadcast on Wednesday 19th April 1972. The series was made in colour, but the original colour masters are missing; only black-and-white telerecordings of the series exists.

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Women At Work

The Lesser Half

This is episode five of series one. Its believed to be the only remaining episode and in B/W with it originally being broadcast in colour.

First broadcast on Wednesday 6th February 1974 The full series was broadcast again with this episode going out on Sunday 8th February 1976.

Don't Ask Me: Episode One

The prime-time science programme from Yorkshire Television that became the most popular science TV series in the history of British television. First broadcast in 1974.

Z Cars

Season 10, Episode 22 - Eviction

First broadcast on Monday 3rd March 1975

The Other One: Episode One

Meeting at the airport on route to a package holiday in Spain, boring bachelors Brian Bryant and Ralph Tanner strike up an unlikely friendship. First broadcast on Friday 11th November at 8;30pm on BBC One

Our Day Out

A television play about poor children from Liverpool, England. It was written by Willy Russell

First broadcast on Wednesday 28th December 1977, at 9:00 p.m. on BBC2 as part of the BBC's Play of the Week series.

Kids: Philip

Series based around a fictional assessment centre for children who have been taken into care and their own individual stories. The stories themselves are based on real life cases.

This is episode ten entitled 'Philip' Why is a privileged schoolboy living in a squat and his only trusted confidante is a Pakistani girl who cannot speak any English?

First broadcast on Friday 29th June 1979 Produced by LWT for ITV



One of the final episodes after Southern Television lost their ITV franchise at the end of 1981.

First broadcast on Wednesday 2nd December 1981

L For Lester

Episode Two of the BBC sitcom first broadcast in 1982, starring Brian Murphy.

The programme followed the misfortunes of a small town driving instructor.

It was intended as a new vehicle for Murphy after his previous hit show - George and Mildred - was retired following the sudden death of Yootha Joyce in 1980.

First broadcast on Friday 15th October 1982

Ask The Family

Robert Robinson presents this episode with the Carter family from Brighton meets and the Leavey family from Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

First broadcast on Tuesday 2nd November 1982

Ghost in the Water

When young historians Teresa and David discover that the name on a piece of embroidered cloth belonging to Teresa's family matches that of a strange gravestone in the local churchyard, their intrigue is piqued and they set out to find out what happened to the mysterious Abigail Parkes. Based on the story by Edward Chitham.

First broadcast on Friday 31st December 1982 on BBC One