Eastern Gas Board, Cambridge Division - Hire Purchase (1954)

The Highway Code (1954)

The Driving Test (1955-1958)

St. Philip's Church, Cambridge - Yearbook (1958)

Sunshine Holiday in Spain (1961)

British Rail - Unlimited Holiday Travel (1965)

Cambridge Midsummer Pop Festival (1969)

The All-New Micky Mouse Book Club (1970s)

Skylark Children's Book Club (1970s)

The Humpty Dumpty Club (1970s)

RAC Continental & Irish Touring (1971)

British Rail Timetable (14th May 1979 t0 11th May 1980)

The Complete Story Teller (1980s)

The Complete Story Teller - 2nd Binder Now Due (1980s)

The Complete Story Teller 2 (1980s)

Enter The Magical World Of Story Teller 2 (1980s)

Oats No.2 - Includes Signatures From The Cast Of Emmerdale Farm

First Aid At Work (1981)

British Rail Passenger Timetable (4th January to 16th May 1982)

Cambus Coach Services: Peterborough - Heathrow X1 (September 1987)

Cambus For Hire Leaflet 

Cambus Scholars Saver Ticket Form

Cambus Timetable - 118, 119 & 120 (Commencing December 4th 1989)

The Children's Channel Official Club Magazine (1990s)

Cambus City Monthly Camcard (1992)

The 2 Hour Guide to Cambridge (1992)

Doctor Who 30th Anniversary Video/Radio Catalogue (1993)

Doctor Who Autographs

Doctor Who Postcards - With VHS Releases (1995)

Doctor Who 40th Anniversary Video/DVD/Books Catalogue (2003)

Shepreth Wildlife Park Booklet